Food Service Inventory and Digital Receiving App

Nine Restaurant Management System

  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Post Invoices via Ai or Digital Receiving
  • Menu Management
  • Waste Management
  • Digital Menu Signage
  • Labor Scheduling Tool
  • Predictive Business Modeling
  • Time clock management
  • Recipe Management

Save time and money

Automated Processes

Import your current Inventory Linked to a Vendor Items
Takes seconds to post an invoice via Ai or Import Process.

Improve Accuracy

Guided drill down sections ID inventory issues
Alerts that show inventory items skipped and how many items are left.

Save Money

Track purchase history of items like produce that fluctuate over time
Globally track SKUs for Volume Based Discounts.

Audit and Security

Tag Expensive Items with high probability to be stolen
EI Item Change log with session time stamp to ID theft or padding

Return on Investment by using 9RMS

Prevent to save money

  • Theft
  • Overordering by creating Par Levels
  • Over portioning

Track to save money

  • Spikes in products like produce
  • SKU order from vendors to leverage better pricing
  • Padding of Inventory

Simply import your data into 9RMS

Simply import your data into 9RMS


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